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Maryann Hazenis a cheerful Poet, mom, wife and Medical Transcriptionist living in NYS. Poetry is her life-long passion. It's been Maryann's good fortune to have poetry published internationally in hundreds of magazines and books, in electronic and hard copy format and she's also had the pleasure and honor of receiving several awards and winning poetry contests. She's had interviews in Perihelion, Gotta Write Network, Pillow Screams, and The Writer's Hood and will be receiving the Silver Rose Award for Poetic Achievement in the near future. 

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Cherry Vanilla
by Maryann Hazen

I immerse my spoon under hot running 
water but before it has a chance 
to cool I slip it down deep 
into cherry vanilla right up over 
the curvy slope to the handle then 
with a twist of my wrist I scoop 
and let the ball of white slip 
into the smooth open bowl two 
or three times I dip and twist and let 
it fall and dip and twist and let 
if fall but you know I really like it 
sweet and drizzle drizzle syrup sliding 
over over round white mounds with cherries 
hidden under here and there I lick the sticky 
from between my flavored fingers 
with my tongue. 

(a four part cinquain) 
by Maryann Hazen

Can I 
hold the measure, 
contain the pleasure you 
pour into me deep inside me 
I can. 

Should there 
be no other 
release, for two such as 
we, to cup and fill to the brim, 
just so. 

Like this, 
eclipse of lust -- 
of the night, of the heat, 
the trembling eruption and flow 
of you. 

May you 
take the measure 
of me, keep it in so 
I sigh, may you take this pleasure, 
may I. 

Perfect Plums
by Maryann Hazen

Taut skins will snip and drip 
with special pressure placed just so - 
above and below their rich, ripe roundness 
producing a pulpy, sluicing of juice 
over his stubbled, sticky chin. 
Perfect plums for Peter, 
plump, warm, firm and 
wonderfully wet to get. 

Copyright © 2000 Maryann Hazen. All rights reserved.

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