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E. Doyle-Gillespie   has had much success with his poetry and short stories. His work has appeared in Finland's Sivullinen, Canada's Tickled By Thunder, UK's Towards 2000, and CyberPoet. In the US, he has been published in numerous journals. His work was published twice in Peacockblue. WordWrights! has featured him on the cover of their summer edition. He has received awards and recognition from The Atlanta Review, J. Darrow and Company and many others. 

"Eroticism is important work. Vital work. Any work that explores and celebrates the most important parts of the human spirt... the human condition... is vital to us." 
--E. Doyle-Gillespie 

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by E. Doyle-Gillespie

Next time we're together,
if it's okay, 
I want to tie you up. 
Silk scarves, maybe, 
or my old school tie. 
Wrists crossed. 
Scraping the bed post with your new manicure from Angie's. 
I want to tie you up. 
I'll move my mouth on the 
smooth swell of your belly, 
your neck, 
and the deep honey brine of your thighs. 
The next time we're together, 
I'll bathe you and have you tell 
me, again, about the sixties and 
the woman who was your first lover, 
perfume you and recall the boy 
my age who covered you with his body 
at the crack of dawn in a Georgetown brownstone. 
We'll eat Indian food - 
curries and pan panoor in a 
place that is tight and hot and filled 
with sitar blues. 
Mocha waitresses will bring 
chai and rice, 
as a blue skinned Krishna consoles 
the archer prince just above 
a chalk board menu and the latest 
hardware calendar. 
Mocha waitresses with thick currant lips 
will pull back their hair, 
and you will ask if I want to make love 
to them. Ask if I fancy 
dark nipples and full, brown hips. 
And as I walk you home, 
let me press you - all lilac 
and curry spice - against the wrought-iron 
lamp post across from The Top of the World Cafe. 
Press you there, 
and sway you there 
until last calls 
and the wet streets 
guide us home. 

Copyright © 2000 E. Doyle-Gillespie. All rights reserved.

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