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Richard Cody  is a native Californian who recently moved to Florida. His work has appeared in  Talking Raven, Zam Bomba and Shoofly, an audio magazine for children. His poetry and prose have appeared in cyber space at Wired Art and most recently at Palimpsest. He dedicates "Fellatio," "X-rated Haiku" and "Later in the Mirror" to Sarah.

Correspond  with Richard Cody.

by Richard Cody

Jazz saxophone blows
so sweet, so smart, so sexy.
             Glad to be alive.

The curve of her neck,
a glimpse of exposed ankle,
                  longing. . .


Sunlight melting
in the red of your hair
 as you kneel down before me.

X-Rated Haiku

Wet with saliva
my cock swelling in your hand,
    love creams your knuckles.

 Later in the Mirror
by Richard Cody

. . . and later
I turn my back to the mirror,
turn my head and see
your passion
mapped out upon my flesh -
sharp red lines of spent desire
running a course of pleasure and pain
from the root of my spine
to my shoulders and their blades.

Copyright © 2000 Richard Cody. All rights reserved.


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