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Aidan Baker is a writer and musician currently based in Toronto. His prose and poetry has been published internationally in such magazines as The Dream People, Wine Dark Sea, and The 12 Gauge Review. He's the author of a poetry chapbook, The Adventures of Me & You (Eraserhead Press), and a forthcoming book of poetry, Fingerspelling (Penumbra Press).

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The poem "This is to All" first appeared in the print anthology Voices Under the Guise of Darkness, (Burning Effigy Productions) May 2000.

Eye Candy
by Aidan Baker

eye candy
your eyes in mine
in my mouth their shapes on my tongue
the sweetness your caramel eyes

[If it weren’t so violent an image]—

I’d love to slip out your dark black eyes from their
sockets and kiss them, roll them around like marbles
inside my mouth…

—To taste what
    you see like—

This is to All 
by Aidan Baker

this is to all the movie stars I’ve fucked before
fingers dyed blue
through the hue of
the looking glass
movie screen the
buzz of white noise
in my head as I turn
you on bring you
into my focus into my
head into my body
into reality flesh &
blood (prick you &
here you’ll bleed…)

by Aidan Baker

I feel, however invisible,
the marks— feel marked by you—
a tension, like almost a bruise, yet invisible,
circles of my skin tight the remnants of you the
remainders reminders that you have travelled
this way my way my flesh before.

Copyright © 2000 Aidan Baker. All rights reserved. 

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