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"Music was my refuge.
I could crawl into the spaces between the notes
and curl my back to loneliness."

~ Maya Angelou

Mind Caviar Vol. 2, Summer Issue 2001

band Dred I Dread
Listen To The Revolution
Rapid Fire Records RFR-001

Music CD and live performance 
Reviewed by Mia Jennings


For decades people have felt both the uplifting and aphrodisiacal effects of Reggae, due to its rhythmic, seductive repetition of beat, its upbeat sound and unique message of love. On June 17th, Father's Day, I saw an incredible Reggae band, Dred I Dread, at Lord Fletcher's on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota. The passion in Dred I Dread's music, both performed live and recorded on CD, made me almost cream my panties. I knew I had to write about it.
Band Four years ago I met an amicable, attractive, young man, with a Rastafarian appearance at the Mall of America. He was singing out loud. His voice immediately caught my attention and the sound of it soon melted my soul as we strolled side by side on the mall's second level. After I told him how much I enjoyed his gifted voice, we had dinner, talked for many hours, and then we never saw each other again-- until this summer. Our wonderful meeting and intellectual conversations lingered with me. I always wondered what happened to him until recently, when that very same young man, whom I now know is professionally known as Pee Wee Dread, mesmerized me with his music from the outdoor stage at Lord Fletcher's.
Lord Fletcher's is an upscale venue, catering mostly to the opulent, Lake Minnetonka boat owners in Minnesota. I felt strangely out of place as I sauntered in, definitely not dressed for the rich and famous. My hair was securely braided into two pony tails. I was wearing a pair of tight, black Levi's, and a tiny, clinging, white cotton T-shirt which read, "Naughty," on the front of it. When I sat down, I smirked like the Devil as I observed the shocked reaction on the faces of a few of those who dared to stare. Regardless, the live concert was amazing. My soul still swells with elation whenever I hear their song "Time Roll Away." When I first heard the song performed live, I soared into an enlightened, sublime world as I sipped on a cool, wet, drink while lounging under an umbrella-covered table on the docks of Lake Minnetonka.
band Even weeks after their live performance, I continue to listen to the benevolent music on their CD Listen to the Revolution over and over again, savoring the sound each time. I absolutely love the message of the album: it tells of a soul's strife, how to overcome, how to enjoy the simple things in life, and how to love one another in peace. Sometimes the lyrics in these songs depict sorrow, yet they are always accompanied by powerful, straight to the soul, Rastafarian riffs, demonstrating to the listener the balance in life.
I practically moan in pleasure each time I listen to track number one, "Travelin' Soldier." Immediately its persuasive, lighthearted rhythm and well-written lyrics suck me in. I tremble with emotion when I hear, "Sinkin' in Sin." Its beat captivates me, causing me to experience a certain kind of euphoria. When I first heard, "Revolution," I practically shivered in orgasm. This song explodes with diabolic energy, and at the same time, it delivers a powerful message.  And finally, Dred I Dread's remake of, "Duke Of Earl" Rasta style, makes me smile with intense gratification. I canít get enough of this CD. Like great sex, it makes me insatiable for more!
If you love good, solid Reggae music and also want an aphrodisiac for love making, check out Dred I Dread. In May, 2001, Dred I Dread won their second, consecutive and well-deserved Minnesota Music Award for being the Twin Citiesí "Best Reggae Band." Dred I Dread's hip hop anthem "Marcia" was also chosen as a finalist in the John Lennon song writing contest. A look at their schedule will prove the band is constantly busy playing at numerous venues, both in and out of state. To find out more about them, their schedule, or where to purchase their dynamic CD, "Listen To The Revolution," visit DredIDread.com.

Article Copyright © 2000-2001 Mia Jennings. All Dred I Dread Photos, Logos and Artwork Copyright © 2000-2001 Dred I Dread. 

LadyMia our own Mia Jennings, has been a music reviewer for the Twin Cities Blues News for the past two years. She's written reviews for artists such as Sista Monica, Gladys Knight and The Pips, Shannon Curfman, Ross William Perry, Lonnie Knight, Sue Foley, and many others. Mia's on the Scream Team contributing her erotic voice to the Australian DJ Mastertouch. She's also worked with DJ N.R.G. from the U.K. LadyMia mixes sounds and music to erotic poetry and stories for Oceania at radioactivesex.com.

Mia has begun experimenting putting music to her own erotic poetry. Currently she is working with two amazing musicians/sound engineers creating her new CD, Hot Blooded Vixen, anticipating its release 2002. She feels very fortunate to work with Bruce who houses the sound studio, plays guitar, and has a warm, passionate voice, and to work with Brett, a guitarist who creates magic for Paisley Park productions (Prince).

If you have produced or recorded a CD which involves either erotica, electronica, or industrial tech, or music that moves you spiritually and sexually, and you'd like LadyMia to review it, please send her an email.

Lady Mia Music reviews and column Copyright © 2000-2001 Lady M. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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