by Lady M
a humble offering to 
~ Mistress Jean ~

In my thoughts I think of Her
In my soul I hear Her sweet, sweet whisper
The mesmerizing voice of my Mistress

In my dreams She haunts
In my mind She taunts
I beg within my soul for Her to slowly, slowly undress

I long to touch Her silky skin
To feel Her essence deep within
I yearn to bathe Her in the finest oil

I want to be Her concubine
Sip on Her heart, much like fine wine
Treat Her like a Queen - someone royal

I crave to massage Her stress away
To relax my Mistress from Her long,  long day
To pamper Her with the art of my hands

I yearn to feed Her carnal desires
To ignite Her soul with my fire
To fill Her empty spots left by man

If I could wake up from this fantasy
Envision the bare silhouette of my Queen
Lying still upon Her bed

I'd bathe Her with my gentle touch
Instill within Her blood a tingling rush
Yet, this is just a chimera weaved within my head.

Copyright © 2001 LadyM. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy or post.