(in no particular order... we love you all the best!)

Mind Caviar, Vol. I Summer Issue, 2000 

Bouquets to all the talented contributors who made the first Summer Issue 
of Mind Caviar possible. We simply wouldn't exist without you. 
Thank you for making Mind Caviar so smart and so damn hot!

M. Christian, thank you for your support, comfort, honesty and comraderie.

To Adrienne Benedicks at Erotica Readers Association: thank you for featuring us in your recommended links and for all your faithful support.

Isabelle Carruthers, thank you for your help in introducing my work to CleanSheets and for all your wonderful stories and e-mails. 

Cassandra Snow for her patience and for dedicating herself to our new column.

The suffragettes and wise women who paved the way-- all the witches burned and 
heroines who lived and died so we could have the rights we now so often take for granted. 
And to all modern pornographers, especially the ladies! 

To my mommy, Clara, for seeing my drag queen doll and immediately making me one so gorgeous that it caused the others to fume with envy.

Aldonza sends kudos to Jamie Joy and Alex for dazzling her with forever memorable moments during her annual New Orleans vacation... "I will love you and worship you the rest of my life!"

Coco, my little shadow, and Harley, too, thank you for your love and company. 

  Ron, we are forever indebted and in awe of your mighty computer knowledge.

To M., For hanging in there! You won't always be so blue. XXX JJ

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