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"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."
-- Confucius

Mind Caviar, Vol. I Summer Issue, 2000

Featured Artists
Pierre & Gary Silva
Fetish Fashion Photographers

Pierre may be an unusual name for a woman, but that's probably not the most unique thing about her. She and her husband of fourteen years, Gary, have become well-known and respected for their art of shooting taboo subjects such as piercing, tattooing, underground fashion, fine art nudes and other aesthetic fetishes. Their vision: "To create stunning, erotic, fine art images which evoke emotion from the viewer."

Pierre and Gary met in passing in a hallway one day, and it has been "love at first sight" ever since. "He had a thing for redheads and I had a thing for Latin men," Pierre explains. 

Their erotic work has been featured in Skin Two, Fetish, Secret, Masterpieces of Fetish Photography (pub. Carlton Books), Fetish Anthology III by Secret Magazine in Belgium, Erotic Breasts (pub. Carlton Books London). 

Their work has also been featured and exhibited in galleries. They photograph the fetish scene in LA, San Francisco, London and Amsterdam. Recent solo exhibits include "The Silva Suicide Sideshow" 1998 and "Nylon" May 2000 and re-opening at The Key Club in Los Angeles on September 13, 2000.

Silva Photography
Silva Photography

About The Artists

When asked about favorite subjects Pierre says:

"That's impossible to say really.  Every different shoot brings its own unique element... most importantly the subject.  We definitely like shooting strong women the best in many, many different ways. For Gary, it is shooting girls peeing on the toilet.  He calls it 'Girls on Pot.'  Other than shooting underage subjects, we have absolutely no taboos!"

"We conceptualize all the shoots together and we do all our own styling for all our shoots. We also do our photo shoots together (unless we have two at the same time).  We discuss with our subject what and how the shoot will be done and we basically go at it 50/50. Gary does all the developing and printing of our black and white work.  He is such a talented printer; he makes beautiful prints. I manage the business side: promotion, web site, other basic business stuff."

The LA Fetish Scene

"The fetish community we're involved with in Los Angeles is a group of stunning and intelligent individuals who truly know themselves and strive to empower any that wish to learn and/or experience.  They are a group of adults who open their minds and bodies to exploration, pain and ultimately pleasure."

Fetish Fashion Photography

The Silva's prints are for sale, and as photographers they are also for hire.  Visit the Silva's website, Silvaphoto.com, where you can view more of the Silva's fine photographic work. Email The Silva's about pricing, or with comments or questions regarding their work.

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