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LaShayne  is a teacher and writer who has lived all over the U.S. and in parts of Europe. LaShayne's fiction has been published in a number of webzines including Oceania's Peacockblue and will appear in the forthcoming anthology The Sweet Life, edited by Violet Blue. 

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Travel Companions

We were thrilled at the upgrade to first class. My husband took the window seat; a pleasant Asian man sat across the aisle from me. As soon as the plane took off, we covered ourselves with a blanket, rested our heads on pillows. I raised the armrest and my husband rested his head against the wall, leaning over in the wide seat with one hip raised, his thigh pushing against me. I got out the small, flexible dildo that always travels with us, softly, I brushed it against his ass. By the time I'd covered it with lubricant from the little tube in my purse, he'd unbuckled his trousers. It was no problem for me to pull them down, along with his loose boxers, as he leaned further so I could run my fingers along his crack. Up and down once or twice, between the cheeks, one finger into his asshole, then two, and he opened up nicely. 

Both my hands came back to the dildo. As I maneuvered the tip between his buttocks, my husband held still and gasped. My neighbor peered over. I probed until the rubber tip settled in the hole. I pushed at the little rod, while he swayed slightly and took a very deep breath. When the flight attendant came by, our neighbor ordered an orange juice, and I said I was fine. 

"And your husband?"

I gave my best smile. "We're both fine -- maybe a few minutes?"

A full smiling nod.

I pushed the little dildo all the way up my husband's ass. A hard thrust in, then a tug against a gripping sphincter. With my other hand, easily hidden by the blanket, I reached around and found his immensely hard cock. With well-lubed fingers I concentrated on the head of my husband's dick, my light strokes complementing the smooth presence up his ass. 

I love to feel a stiff cock with a soft, moist tip. Each time I pushed the dildo up him, he inhaled hoarsely. My neighbor's smile give way to concern.

"Travel sickness," I said. "It'll pass."

The black-haired man in glasses nodded, while I pushed harder into my husband. His face toward the window, he let out a little moan; his dick started to bounce and hot liquid poured onto my nimble fingers. I squeezed lightly until the contractions stopped. My husband lowered his head as though in sleep. I took out my handkerchief and wiped first my hand, then the length of the dildo.

The attendant came by again. "Can I get something for you and your husband now?

"Yes, please," I answered. "We'd both like a Mimosa."

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