"If you wish to learn the highest truths, begin with the alphabet."
  --Japanese Proverb

Mind Caviar, Vol. I Summer Issue, 2000

Short Stories

The Do  by Rachel Kramer Bussel
A Haircut Like No Other

Mahia's Truth  by  M. Christian
An Exotic Tale of Erotic Torture

I Promise I Won't Break You by Amber Hipple 
No One Has Such Power as Your Truest Love

The Accomplice  by Isabelle Carruthers
When Bashful Bi-Curious? Becomes Hot Bi-Certain! 

Short Shorts

Fantasy I Wrote To My Shrink
by Travis T. Dykeman
The Transformative Power of Gender Play

Hungry by Jamie Joy Gatto
A Delicious Obsession

Le Petite Mort by Isabelle Carruthers
Embracing Sex, Life and Death

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