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"A woman who has known but one man
is like a person who has only heard one composer."

~ Isadora Duncan (1927)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 2 Summer Issue, 2001

Johnny Steel Meet the Man of Steel
An Interview with Johnny Steel
by Doreen Foong

With just one look at the sexy model, dancer, actor, and business man Johnny Steel, with his long dark hair and hazel eyes, and at 5'10" 185 lb., the temperature in the room has suddenly soared to a scorching sizzle. Ladies and gentlemen, be prepared to swoon. 

Doreen: Johnny, I see that you are of mixed heritage, could you please tell me something about yourself? 

Steel: I'm of Native American (Cherokee), Hawaiian, Taiwanese, and Irish origin. My father was in the Air Force, so my family and I lived on bases stationed throughout the Far East until we settled in Ohio when I was ten. I have a younger sister, Tammy, who was a great influence as I was growing up. It is due to her that I have a deep respect and understanding of women.

After completing high school, I attended Wright State University for Business. Subsequently, I owned and operated a cleaning business which was the 7th largest in the Dayton, Ohio area. Shortly after my partner and I sold the business, on a whim, I auditioned for The California Hunks, a dance group in the mid-west area and was selected to be one of their dancers. That was seven years ago. I then moved on to Las Vegas where I worked at The Olympic Garden, a prestigious nightclub for 5 years. I was also featured in their commercial. I have garnered top prizes in numerous dance competitions throughout the United States and internationally. Apart from dancing, I'm also a model and actor. I have made appearances on HBO and VH1. Even though I am an entertainer out there performing, I am by nature a very shy person and a country boy at heart. 

Doreen: That's quite an interesting life you have. I can't believe you're shy! You seem so at ease with your fans and dancing up a storm. Tell me, has it been fun for you?

Steel: Oh yes! But right now I'm taking a break and working for my own agency, The Las Vegas Hunks. I do private parties and I book shows. I plan to devote more time and energy to modeling and acting. 

Doreen: You're certainly a busy man. What do you like to do during your leisure hours? 

Steel: I love to watch movies and surf the web. My favorite movie is "Gone with the Wind" which is the greatest romance movie of all time. "Gladiator" is my recent favorite movie. I love listening to rock and R&B. I'm an outdoor-type person, so I love laying out in the hot sun, especially during summer which is my favorite season. Summer nights are the best because it's so refreshing after a rain. 

I try to stay in shape by working out, and I do splurge on butter pecan ice cream, sundaes with all the toppings, whipped cream-- the whole nine yards. I love collecting and rebuilding cars; my dream car is a Ferrari Testerosa. I love to travel to exotic places like tropical islands. I also enjoy cooking and cleaning. 

Doreen: Hmmm...whipped cream, summer nights, tropical islands, you're a very romantic person. Tell me, what turns you on about a woman?

Steel: Class, intelligence, a great smile and a positive attitude are definitely a big plus. Also its a real turn-on for me to see a woman in red. It looks absolutely sexy and enticing. 

Doreen: Are you single?

Steel: Yes, I'm very much single, and I hope one day to meet the right woman, settle down and have a family. To woo her, it would be with a romantic candlelight dinner, some fine wine, soft music in the background. 

Doreen: Hmm... thatís very good news for the ladies out there who are looking for Mr. Right. What is your your favorite food? 

Steel: Definitely sushi! I would eat it everyday if I could. I used to be really crazy about it-- like going to the sushi restaurant five times a week, but now Iím down to about once a week. My favorite sushi are albacore, yellowtail, garlic tuna and salmon. They are really yummy. 

Doreen: I love Sushi too! You should come to Toronto, I know Japanese restaurants that serve the best sushi in town. 

Steel: Sure, I will take up your offer on that. I would love to visit Toronto and see you, too.

Doreen: What's your turn off?

Steel: Impatience, rudeness and racism.

Doreen: Tell me about the two great loves in your life-- your dogs.

Steel: I have two Great Danes, Hanna and Harley. Hanna is a Harlequin Great Dane, white and black like a dalmatian. I didnít have her ears cropped; I wanted her to have a feminine look with her ears down. Harley is a fawn, brown with a black mask around the mouth. I love them greatly-- they are MY KIDS! I spoil them rotten by letting them have their own bedroom with a queen size bed and an entertainment center. I enjoy taking them hiking everyday, if not they would get really upset. Recently, Hanna gave birth to 13 pups.

Doreen: Thirteen puppies and two grown ones, what a big family youíve got! 

Steel: Oh yes, it is really wild and exciting. I love them all. 

Doreen: Wow, thatís very interesting. What are your goals for the future? 

Steel: I want to be successful in selling, and investing in businesses that will grow and prosper.

Doreen: That's wonderful. I always like a driven man. Anything else you would like to share with me and the readers?

Steel: I would like to send you some X rated pics of me.

Doreen: X rated!!! Er, thanks, but I canít post them up on my website but would love to view them privately. As for the readers, I shall leave the images of you to their imagination (hehehe). If you like, you and the readers can view my live webcast show which has received a lot of good reviews. 

Steel: Sure thing. 

Doreen: Johnny, it's been a great pleasure and enormous fun talking to you. 

Steel: Thank you, sweetie. I'm very thrilled to have been asked to be Fantasy Hunk, I know that it will give me a lot more exposure. 

Doreen: My pleasure, sweet Buns of Steel. (Sigh... O.K. anyone want to jump in the shower with Johnny?) 

Copyright © 2001 Doreen Foong. All rights reserved.

Doreen Foong  is an erotica and erotic romance writer who hosts the website Brazen Heroine, where you can read more interviews of her Fantasy Hunks along with photos. You can also vote for your favorite Fantasy Hunk of the Month. Foong has published her work in PlayGirl magazine, and on-line at Mon Boudoir. Please visit her website to read her fiction and more interviews.

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