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Please be aware that the links below may be to writing of an adult nature. If you may be offended by graphic sexual language, explicit depiction of sex, and literary depiction of alternative sexualities, or if you are under 18 years of age, or if it is illegal to view this type of material in your area, please do not follow the link below to my erotic fiction. 

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Jamie Joy's poetry, as well as her husband's, Alex Gatto, will be appearing in The Silence Within, a collection by the International Library of Poetry to be released summer 2001. In addition to being published in the book, her poem, "There's No Place Like Home" will be one of only 33 poems in the collection to be recorded in audio format. 

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Jamie Joy Gatto's first book, a collection of short fiction, will be released by Circlet Press in 2002 titled Sex Noir: Stories of Sex, Death and Loss

Author's Quote:

"My obsession with sex and death began as a child, when I was six years old in the second grade, after viewing Franco Zefferelli's Romeo & Juliet. I have never let it go. As an adult, I discovered that there is no ache, no intensity, quite so exquisite as the pain associated with longing: the yearning for that which has been lost, for those whom we lust after, and for those people, feelings and situations which we feel we can never again recover, be they imagined or real, metaphorical or allegorical." 


This collection of seventeen new and previously published short shorts and short stories explores a range of emotional intensity: from the fleeting twinges of self-doubt to the pathology of violent obsession and emotional greed. The sexual explicitness portrayed in this work ranges from hardcore, graphic to a light and splendid grazing of sensuality. The theme is tightly entwined throughout, yet the style is fresh and original in each story. We meet a variety of characters with a gamut of sexual desires: everything from vanilla to lifestyle SMers, virgins to vixens. There are both male and female protagonists who may be heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual. While each character we meet has a different story to tell, each share something in common: lust for flesh, the unconscious need for connection, and the pain of loss.

Her short fiction has appeared in:
  • The Unmade Bed: Twentieth Century Erotica (Masquerade Books, 1998) Includes four previously unpublished stories by Anais Nin 
  • Best Bisexual Erotica 2000 (Circlet Press/Black Books, 2000) 
  • Tears on Black Roses (Anxiety Press, 2000) An anthology of horrific and paranormal erotica
  • Unlimited Desires: An International Anthology of Bisexual Erotica (BiPress, 2000) now available at

Her work will also be included in the forthcoming anthologies in 2001: 
  • Love Shook My Heart II (Alyson Press, 2001) A collection of Lesbian Erotica
  • SM Dreams (Circlet Press, 2001) An anthology of Lesbian SM Erotica
  • Best Bisexual Erotica 2001 (Black Books/Circlet Press, 2001)
  • Best SM Erotica (Black Books, 2001) edited by M. Christian
  • Guilty Pleasures (Black Books, 2001) edited by M. Christian
  • The Silence Within (International Library of Poetry, 2001) 

Her non-fiction/literary fiction will be appearing in: 
  • The Hunger Artist (Elmira College, 2002) A Women's Collection of Body Image and Eating Disorder-related Works 
  • Lifestories: Casework in the First Person (Haworth Press, 2001) An academic textbook designed for graduate studies in Social Sciences

Sexuality Columns 

Her columns appear quarterly both in hard copy and on-line:

  • Champagne Rouge appears quarterly in the webzine Mind Caviar. She addresses reader's questions with well-researched and compassionate sex advice.
  • Power Principles a look at the sexual, spiritual and practical side of BDSM. Appears quarterly in the national BDSM magazine, Prometheus.
  • Twisted Urges: Where Society and the Sexual Meet  is a sociological exploration of how our American society views and treats all things sexual. It appears quarterly in the webzine suspect thoughts, and then at Erotica Reader's Association's Smutter's Lounge.

  • Please contact Jamie Joy Gatto  if you'd like to run any of her columns in your resource. She is also available to create new columns exploring sexuality issues.

On-line Resources & Webzines

Jamie Joy's work can be found as material on webmaster pay sites, as well as all over the web in quality webzines and sex resources, both in print and in audio.

Mind Caviar
Devoted to Sensual Pleasures 

Jamie Joy Gatto is co-founder, creator, Editor-in-Chief. Her column, Champagne Rouge addresses real sex questions from readers with gentle, yet expert sex tips and advice.

suspect thoughts
a journal of subversive writing

Edited by Greg Wharton; the debut issue features her short story, "Quarter Past Four." In October 2000,  "Twisted Urges: Society and the Sexual" a new, quarterly sexual politics column by Jamie Joy Gatto. April 2001 Issue will feature, "Verbosity" a short story, as well as her regular column.

Erotica Readers Association
A Resource for Erotica Readers and Writers

Jamie Joy's "Twisted Urges: Where Socirty and the Sexual Meet" are also run in ERA's Smutter's Lounge. Catch back issues of columns you may have missed at suspect thoughts. ERA is also an excellent resource for Erotica Writer's Market Calls.

An On-Line Erotica Magazine

Jamie Joy Gatto's short short, "Hungry" is archived in the July, 2000 Issue of this quality publication. In July 2001, CS will be running three of her previously unpublished short shorts.

A Bi-Friendly Place
Your Bisexuality Resource Center

Jamie Joy Gatto is founder, designer and Hostess for this educational on-line resource. She collects and writes bisexual articles, poetry, erotica and hosts a free, bisexual discussion and e-mail news group.

Bisexual Personals and Magazine

Member of the Month Article, "One Tough Cookie!" 
August-September 2000

Venus or Vixen?
Read Some Smut!

Jamie Joy's short short, "To Run With Anguish" September-October 2000. Currently Archived.

The Literary Webzine for Creative Women

Jamie Joy's creative non-fiction short short, "Call Me a Woman" Winter Issue January 2001- March 2001 

Scarlet Letters
The Quarterly Webzine of Femmerotica

From 1999 to 2000 Jamie Joy Gatto hosted the column,"Power Principles" where she explored Power Exchange issues and offered sexual philosophy and advice. "Power Principles" is now syndicated, and will be appearing quarterly in Prometheus, T.E.S.'s national BDSM magazine.

Audio Publications

Peacockblue'soceania offers her audio version of the poem, "Sex Incarnate" by Jamie Joy Gatto. November, 2000. Free download.

Not Madda Goose an audio collection of bawdy, adult "nursery" rhymes. Webmaster content sold to paysites in audio, text and illustrated.  Oceania Limited, May 2000. Featuring three by Jamie Joy Gatto.

Radioactive Sex  oceania does it again with an all audio, all mind sex website. Jamie Joy will be a regular contributor of audio poems and erotic short stories.


The Official Magazine of T.E.S.

The Eulenspiegel Society is the foremost authority on BDSM education, awareness, and safety. Jamie Joy's Column, "Power Principles" will be published quarterly beginning January 2001 in this slick, sexy magazine.

Parchment Symbols
a zine of horrific and paranormal romance

Anniversary Edition, Issue #7, October 2000. Editors: Kate Hill & Portland Elizebeth. Short Story, "My Mistress is Dead"

Black Sheets
kinky  queer  irreverent  intellligent

Jamie Joy has a real thing for sexy Bill Brent and his campy, sleazy smart-smut:

Black Sheets  Issue #13, Spring 1998
Editor: Bill Brent 
Short Story, "Quarter Past Four"

Black Sheets  Issue #14, Fall 1998
including literary reviews, photos and
Short Story, "Last Call"

Black Sheets  Issue #16, Spring 2000
(Issue #16 dedicated to Jamie Joy Gatto)
Short Short, "Mastering The Storm"

Black Sheets Issue #17, Summer 2000
A dirty letter to the editor:
"Cotton Domme Commands You"


Professional Organizations

National Writers Union
Member 1998, 1999, 2000

Loyola Writing Institute Short Fiction Workshop:
off-campus with Patti Friedmann, Fall 1996, Spring 1997, Fall 1997

Luna Writing Group
Charter Member 1997-1998

People Exchanging Power
Nancy Ava Miller's Professional BDSM Organization
Professional Phone Counselor and Dominant, 1999