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We welcome all bi-friendly folks of any gender or sexual persuasion. Our goal is to create a haven of resources, information, personals and entertainment for bisexuals, people questioning their sexuality, and those who support them.

ARTICLES: We are seeking informative articles (re-prints are just fine!) on coming out, bi-visibility, support groups, sexuality, gender issues, empowerment, closet issues, relationships, polyamory, monogamy, bi kink, bisexual issues of any type. 

FICTION: We are currently seeking both original and reprints of bi-oriented literary and erotic fiction and poetry. Reprints must be accompanied by statement of copyright and original and all other publication credits. Please make sure you own the copyright to your work before sending it.

Fiction length may be up to 3000 words; shorter is better. We are looking for bisexual themes, first and foremost, and especially for quality writing.

Please do not send us cliche' sob/anger stories about how your bisexual lover left you for someone of the same or opposite sex. Please do not send erotica that involves one, long play-by-play action of a sex scene. We are looking for thought provoking work with substance. We are particularly seeking empowering and sex-positive work, although we will consider work that is about questioning one's sexuality, bi-phobia, exclusion from the gay and straight communities, and other serious bisexual issues.

POETRY: We prefer non-rhyming poetry, but we will consider all forms.

PAYMENT: Help us support a sorely needed area of sex information and education, available bi erotica and bi resources by donating your stories, articles and other relevant work to a worthy cause. We'd like to offer you payment, but A Bi-Friendly Place is a non-profit, free, labor-intensive, true labor of love. We'll gladly offer you a link, bio and/or banner placement along with your work.

SUBMISSIONS: Send all submissions, along with a short cover letter, brief bio and word count in the body of an e-mail with the subject BI-FRIENDLY SUBMISSION to Jamie Joy Gatto. No attachments will be accepted. Thank you for your interest.

bisexualAbout The Editor:
Jamie Joy Gatto is a New Orleans writer, editor, sex educator and bisexual advocate. She is  Editor-in-chief of Mind Caviar, Ophelia's Muse and this bi resource. Dozens of her short stories are included in projects such as Best Bisexual Erotica 1 & 2, Best SM Erotica, Guilty Pleasures, Of the Flesh, The Unmade Bed, From Porn to Poetry, and many more both on and off the Web. 

Jamie Joy has authored Unveiling Venus, a poetry chapbook, the eBooks, Suddenly Sexy, Strictly Bi and Erotic Intelligence, also Sex Noir-- a hardcover collection available at Circlet Press. She is currently co-editing an anthology with author, M. Christian.

bisexualAbout A Bi-Friendly Place:
Nowhere on the Net is there such an assembled group of bisexual sex resources, support resources, bi articles along with free, accessible entertainment such as erotica and poetry as at A Bi-Friendly Place. My goal is to make "bisexuality" an everyday, household word, an accepted sexual preference, and to unite bisexuals and those who support them through newsgroups, by teaching adult sexuality classes, and by writing and publishing the hottest bi smut out there!

bisexualJamie Joy on Bisexuality
"Bisexuality is an important part of my sexual philosophy as well as my spiritual persona. As a fiction writer, I tend to include basic truths in my work, and that includes being an "out" bisexual in love with the same."

"Finding myself in a world that often doubts that the possibility that my specific sexual preference-- bisexuality-- even exists, I feel compelled to write about my life and lust experiences, and in doing so I also advocate for other bisexuals. Bi-visibility is very important to me. It helps to make me feel anchored and real."

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