Bi-Poetry at A Bi-Friendly Place

Love Letter to the Universe
by Cassandra Snow


Breathe with me, Lover.
Hold your hand to mine –
Palm to palm.
Place the other upon my breast
And feel my soul whispering
With the intensity of quiet passion.
Become one with me
And we shall become one with all creation
For the universe is ours
Just as, within us, the cosmos reside.
For the purity of our kiss
Is a kiss lifted to the heavens;
The wholeness of our breath
Is the breath of the earth.
And as we writhe and undulate
To the rhythm of Her tides,
Our climax resonates throughout the ages –
A love letter bestowed to all.

Copyright © 2000 Cassandra Snow. All Rights Reserved. 

bisexualAbout The Author:
Cassandra Snow has worked in various forms of expression over the years– from poetry, playwriting and novel writing-- to dance, theatre and photography. A graduate of Northwestern University, Cassandra currently works as a freelance journalist/writer. She is the author of a collection of original poetry, two stage plays and numerous works which have appeared in publications throughout the U.S. and abroad. At present, she is working to bring her novel, Yogi Love, to completion. 

bisexualAbout the Poem:
The preceeding poem is A Bi-Friendly Place original. 

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