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bisexualMaybe It Was Youbisexual
by Cindy Smith


bisexualAbout The Poem:

"The following poem was born as a result of some of the most cruel, mean and hateful bi-phobia I have ever encountered. I came across a debate at in a forum regarding whether or not lesbians would date bisexual women. I did not expect bi-phobia from those who have already been marginalized by society just for being women, then have been further marginalized by society for being lesbians. I wonder how they can then take that to the next level and marginalize bisexual women. These are women who have linked arms with me in "Take Back The Night" marches, who have smiled at me in clubs and chatted with me, who have solicited donations from me for various causes and who have shared a joke or two with me in my neighborhood.  I wonder why am I left feeling as though I am only allowed "in the club" when these women need me, otherwise I must stay out?  I do not know. This poem was born in pain, written in the depths of despair and confusion and hopefully it's life might change some

~Cindy Smith

Maybe It Was You
by Cindy Smith

Maybe it was you
the lesbian
who approached me at Pope Joans
you said my hair was beautiful
you asked if you could touch it.

 insert a big grin 

Maybe it was you
the lesbian
who asked me to dance
at Tangos
on a hot sweaty summer's eve
you held me close
you whispered in my ear
you said I was sexy
you kissed me.

 insert me fainting (swoon...thud!) 

Maybe it was you
the lesbian
who asked me to donate money
for the fund to defend
the women charged in the bathhouse raids
you said  I was supporting our community
you said we were a team
you said we would stand together

 insert my chest swelling with pride 

Maybe it was you
the lesbian
who posted at
you compared bisexual women to snot
you said I was promiscuous
a traitor
your bi-phobia was angry
filled with hate.

 insert a frown 

Maybe it was you
the lesbian
who said bisexual women should not be allowed
in or at the dyke march
you said I cannot march with my sisters
you said I am not real
you said I am on the fence
you said I 

 insert a confused expression 

Maybe it was you
the lesbian
who said bisexual women do not belong
at the women's bathhouse
you said I am cock tainted
you said I am the spreader of disease
you said I am a cunt
infested with aids, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea.

 insert my stomach clenching with pain 

Who, exactly, tied Matthew Shepard to the fence
and beat him to death?

 insert a tear rolling down my cheek 

Maybe it was you.

Copyright © 2000 Cindy Smith. All Rights Reserved. 

bisexualAbout The Author:
Cindy's labels are feminist, bisexual, poly, animal rights activist, pro-choice. Cindy is a former burned out accountant turned computer geekette.  When not working as a software trainer, she writes a techno column for Siren Magazine and spends her spare time being bossed around by her cat and her two ferrets. Cindy knits dishcloths to keep herself sane. 

Visit her website at

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