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Bi Personalties is our newest addition to A Bi-Friendly Place. Read about bisexual and bi-friendly people who are helping to change our world. These are leaders in the bi-visibility movement who are here to educate, inform and create a new, positive image for "alternative" sexualities while creating important art, writing and other creative endeavors. Look for more Personality Profiles in the coming months. Our newest addition, an interview with M. Christian: erotic author added 9-15-01.

Robin Renee Robin Renée: An "out" bisexual musical performer, singer, guitarist and songwriter.

Read An Interview  with Robin Renée by Cassandra Snow

neal medlyn
Neal Medlyn: the coolest dork around! He's an Austin performance artist destined to become a super star, and well... read for yourself.

Read an article  about Neal Medlyn by Ada Calhoun, his bi-friendly true love. 

Cecilia Tan
Cecilia Tan: writer, editor, publisher, performer, bisexuality, sexuality and BDSM activist.

Read An Interview  with Cecilia Tan by William Dean

Alex Hirka
Alex Hirka: bisexual and sex activist, artist, creator and promoter of One World Orgasm Day (what a fun holiday!)

Read an Interview  with Alex Hirka by Goddess

M. Christian
M. Christian:The Most Bi-Friendly Straight Guy you'll ever meet! Read all about his newest book, Dirty Words, a collection of gay fiction. He has a collection of lesbian fiction coming out, to boot.

Read an Interview by Goddess

Gigi Raven Wilbur
Gigi Raven Wilbur: A bi-trans activist who helped establish Celebrate Bisexuality Day.

Interview coming soon! 

Michael Page
Michael Page: created the Bi Flag, BiCafe on-line and is a great advocate for bi-visibility.
Interview coming soon! Bi Pride Flag

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