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bisexualDance With Mebisexual
by Mia Jennings


The thick fragrance of lust was in the air; my skin hungered for touch. I wasn't wearing panties, and each droplet of my excitement dripped hot and thick down my legs. The fast, sensual, rhythm of the music made my body want to dance, but Sam, my husband, didn't wish to join me. I scanned the room as a hawk would for its prey, until I zeroed in on a young, pretty, blonde woman on the dance floor.

She appeared as if my favorite toy as a child had come alive, and was dressed in a tightly fitted, white tank dress.  She was like a life-sized, "Play with me," Barbie, dancing in the arms of her boyfriend, husband, or lover. I don't know which, but he didn't look like Ken.  He was larger around the middle and blonde, much more sexy than the eunuch Ken doll I played with as a child. 

My nipples stiffened and pointed towards Barbie like radar. I felt drunk observing her beguiling moves; my heartbeat quickened with the intoxication. As I watched, tantalized, she grinded her crotch into her partner's leg in rhythm with the music. The ache between my own legs made me yearn to dance near and with Barbie and her Boy-toy. Voraciously, I sauntered onto the dance floor. My pussy lips were now swollen, dripping wet, and my ache had become more intense.  I could almost sense what her clit must have been feeling.

Barbie's Boy-toy must have been aware of my lust as I danced, gawking. He nodded knowingly, made direct eye contact, so I closed my eyes, attempting to pretend I was getting into the music. When I re-opened them seconds later, he, and Barbie were both staring at me. A warm flush of scintillation overwhelmed my senses.  Suddenly every atom within my body wanted to intertwine with theirs.

They both must've sensed my longing, because all of a sudden I was drawn in, dancing with them, we three together. Barbie's firm breasts were inches away my face. Apparently, this life-sized Barbie doll came assembled with nipples and was highly stimulated. I wanted to touch and taste them so badly, but I didn't dare just yet. I didn't want to appear too hungry, afraid I might frighten her away. 

Barbie's mate danced close behind me. Soon, she became the aggressor and I her prey. I didn't have much room and was sandwiched between them.  I felt like Bisexual Stacy in the middle, wishing to play dress up, doctor, or school. Quickly, a warm sensation invaded me.  My knees began to tremble weakly from my excitement; I began to inhale and exhale more rapidly, I pressed my eyes shut again, attempting to capture and to always remember this moment.

Instinctively, I reached out and touched Barbie's skin.  With indulgence I caressed her silky softness.  Next, I nuzzled my nose close to her neck and inhaled her perfume.  She smelled so sweet.  Eventually her legs bent at the knees, her body lowered, and her face was near my slippery cunt.  I sensed her hot breath pant warm waves of air beneath my short dress.  My pussy quivered from the slight sensation and dripped thickly again.  My legs trembled harder and I felt a large wave of sexual energy travel through me.  I wished she'd lift up my dress, expose my cunt, use her perfect, pink tongue.

I shuddered with both shock and arousal when I felt the Boy-toy's hands reach around me, encasing my breasts with his huge hands. He pinched my nipples through the thin fabric of my dress.  My head fell back, resting on his chest, and I gasped aloud. All of my brain waves were signaling to my body that I wanted to be fucked now-- hard and fast! Out of the corner of my eye I saw what felt like hundreds of eyes on us, but somehow, I didn't care. Nearby, a quite older man stared as if in awe, apparently titillated by our scene. I imagined he had a boner that could cut through glass.

The music pounded on, urging us to dance, and it was now I who bent down, with my face near Barbie's pussy.  It wasn't made of plastic, it was very real; I could tell from the sweet smell of her musky scent.  I purred to myself when I discovered that she, also, wasn't wearing any panties. When my fingers traveled near her bare, pussy lips, I felt that she was as wet as I. Thirsty, I longed to drink her hot nectar right there and then.  I did my best to refrain, and continued my caresses: my hands on the rest of her body, following her perfect outline, her fashion-doll shape.

I found myself facing Barbie's Boy-toy, his hands now on my thighs. Barbie was behind me, her rasps of hot breath tapping at the back of my neck.  I shivered from the erotic sensation.  Soon I felt her Boy-toy's fingers roam under my dress and stroke my swollen lips.  I gasped again and inherently moaned with rapture.  My eyes shut once more wanting to devour his touch. I reclined my head, savoring each moment, resting on Barbie's shoulders.  My hands reached behind me to fondle her hips and firm, round ass. 

High voltage waves of thrill bolted through my body when I felt Barbie's Boy-toy push two of his fingers deep into my soaking wet pussy.  I moaned uncontrollably to his rhythm; my knees started to buckle.  Barbie reached around and firmly grabbed my tits to hold me up.  The old man on the edge of the dance floor, who had apparently been watching our entire scene, looked like he was almost in cardiac arrest from the view, and my urge to be fucked was even stronger.

In and out the Boy-toy's fingers moved to the dance beat.  Down my long, lean legs cum dripped hotly.  I felt like a rocket ready for blast off, and my legs were quivering hard from the Boy-toy's thrusts. In and out he wiggled and twisted, until finally, every atom shot though me and I was screaming from my orgasm. Bolts of intense electricity shocked my body while I quavered uncontrollably in front of all who witnessed. 

When the music finally ended, so did my kinky, impulsive adventure. Weakly, I walked off the dance floor, and attempted to regain my composure.  I averted my eyes from those who observed me returning to my table.  My breath was still a bit short, and my legs continued to tremble, but the grin on my face was large, and my eyes sparkled with gratification. My husband was obviously pleased and excited by the scene I had made. He hugged me, grabbing my ass as I giggled in his arms.

I never played with Barbie and her Boy-toy again.  During the rest of the night, I intermittently watched as Barbie's mate stared at me, eyes shouting, craving. He appeared as if he was a bit dazed, the starved wolf who'd just lost the scent of Little Red Riding Hood.  Regardless of his state, the three of us never seemed to cross paths.  That particular moment was a one time dance for three.

Copyright © 2000 Mia Jennings. All Rights Reserved. 

bisexualAbout The Author:
Mia Jennings' poetry has been recorded by and published on numerous occasions by the International Society of Poets.  She's been published in their Outstanding Poets for 1998 Anthology, and in Poet's Elite, Best Poets For the Year 2000, forthcoming. Besides writing and editing poetry for Mind Caviar, her work has appeared in The Famous Poet's Society, The Iliad Press, Sparrowgrass Poetry, The Phoenix Press, Lightverse and Webpoets.

Mia's inspired and sexy graphic artwork can be found throughout Mind Caviar or you may visit Mia's Erotic Art Portfolio on-line. Mia is also available for commission, and much of her artwork for sale.

bisexualAbout The Poem:
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