Melpomene in Ecstasy:
Stories of Sex, 
Death and Loss 
by Jamie Joy Gatto

A Collection of Seventeen Original
New and Previously Published 
Erotic Short Stories and Short Shorts

currently under consideration for publication 
by Circlet Press

Featuring Original Art by Mia Jennings

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Author's Quote:

"My obsession with sex and death began as a child, when I was six years old in the second grade, after viewing Franco Zefferelli's Romeo & Juliet. I have never let it go. As an adult, I discovered that there is no ache, no intensity, quite so exquisite as the pain associated with longing: the yearning for that which has been lost, for those whom we lust after, and for those people, feelings and situations which we feel we can never again recover, be they imagined or real, metaphorical or allegorical."  


This collection of seventeen new and previously published short shorts and short stories explores a range of emotional intensity: from the fleeting twinges of self-doubt, to the pathology of violent obsession and emotional greed. The sexual explicitness portrayed in this work ranges from hardcore, graphic to a light and splendid grazing of sensuality. The theme is tightly entwined throughout, yet the style is fresh and original in each story. We meet a variety of characters with a gamut of sexual desires: everything from vanilla folks to lifestyle SMers, virgins to vixens. There are both male and female protagonists who may be heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual. While each character we meet has a different story to tell, each share something in common: lust for flesh, the unconscious need for connection, and the pain of loss.

About the Author:

Jamie Joy Gatto is a New Orleans writer, bisexual advocate, sex-writer, columnist, webzine editor and designer. She is available for hire to create custom erotica, literary fiction, non-fiction articles, essays, reviews and well-researched advice concerning sexuality, gender issues and sexual philosophy. Her primary specialty lies in writing short fiction and short shorts which touch on the erotic, as well as the tragic. She also loves to create psychological work, often creating characters on the brink of emotional breakthrough. Jamie Joy is also available to teach adult sexuality interactive workshops.  

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