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Sean Connery, a scrumptious little Venus and yet another Blonde Goddess

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Why Do You Talk So Openly About Your Sexuality?

Because it's about damn time more people did! Aren't you glad you have this resource? Aren't you proud of me? I didn't have to "come out." I talk and write openly about sexuality because I do not think it's a bad, evil, sinful thing. On the contrary, I believe it's time to talk about sex period: politely, loudly, openly, simply. I'd rather argue and defend my stance, if I must, than hide in the closet of shame. There is nothing shameful about being sexual, or rather, there should be nothing shameful about it. We are born sexual; it's no mystery we are all born from sex. We are all sexual beings.

Are You Afraid of Others Finding Out You are Bi 
(or Kinky, or Sexual, or a Sex Writer, etc.)?

Everybody who means anything to me already knows. Those who do not, either don't need to know, or they don't care and if they did find out, we could certainly sit down and talk it over. Glad to discuss it. Sorry if it hurts anyone else, but that pain is most likely due to their shame and sensitivity, not mine. The more we talk, the more we learn, the more comfortable we may begin to feel about taboo subjects.

Are You Afraid of Writing Under Your True Name?

I do not use a pen name. I am proud of what I do. I'm trying to create literate art and to help shape society's view of all things sexual. That means sex, sexuality and all it's facets do not equal shame, nor give me any reason to hide or protect my name. I want this recognition as much as any person who is proud of their life's work and life's goals could possibly want. I accept the risks and consequences, as well as the accolades that this endeavor may bring. 

Are you Afraid of Weird Stalker People?

Of course I'm afraid of weird stalker people! Aren't you? I am not afraid I'll be stalked or harrassed because I'm a sex writer, or because I publish sexy stories or photos. Writing is empowering, healing and builds self-esteem and self-respect. Stalkers hate self-respecting women. Believe me, I know! I was harrassed by a stalker guy for years. These days I'd just send his sorry ass to rot in jail. 

Then, What Are You Afraid of? 

Censorship, Sexism, Hatred, Misogyny, Lies and Propraganda,
The Christian Right, Really drunk frat boys 
and the possibility of not ever having health insurance.

How Can I Get A Date With You?

Thank you for the offer, but I'm currently unavailable. I'm in a blissful, sexually and spiritually fulfilling, monogamous relationship with a gorgeous bi guy.

Monogamous!? I thought bisexuals had to have regular sex with both sexes in order to be happy?

My sexual preference has nothing to do with the frequency of sex that I desire nor the gender of my current partner. I am simply sexually attracted to both men and women and also transgendered people, hence I am bisexual. I choose monogamy as a relationship choice, it is not a sexuality issue nor an issue of sexual preference.

Are There Naked Pics of You on This Site or Elsewhere On-line?

No, none of my boyfriend, either. 
Click Here for Free Naked Pics of Other People.

Are you a True Blonde?

Yup, I was born a blonde and I'm a true Ash Blonde, 
although I love to wear wigs and falls and hair-pieces.
And please don't tell me any blonde jokes, 
I probably know more jokes than you do!

Are you a professional Dominant, Call Girl, Hooker, etc.?

Sorry no, but there are lots of good sex workers out there. 
Please don't ask me where, I'm not a dating service, either!

You call yourself a Goddess... Why? Are you stuck up?

I believe that every woman is a Goddess. 
I believe in the power of Woman 
and I believe in the power of Love 
and these are not just cliche's, my friend. 

Copyright © 2000 Jamie Joy Gatto. All Rights Reserved. 

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