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great site! A Bisexual Danish Couple's Graphic Sex Site

Rachel Kramer Bussel, Author & Activist
Home Pages or visit her column 
The Lusty Lady

Daniel Crocker, Author
Dirty Dishes E-zine (scroll to the bottom to read poetry, reviews, etc.) or visit his author pages

Philip Dunn, Author
The King of Camelot
or visit his Earth-Spirituality Pages

great site! Jamie Joy Gatto, Author, Editor, Activist
Personal & Author Pages

Joni Harris, A Bi-Friendly Newsgroup Member
Miss Joni

Mary AKA Princess Bodacea, Home Page

P.J.'s Bi Corner, Home Page

Tim's Gay and Bi-Friendly Web site

David Kirkpatrick's 
Bisexual Personal Site

great site! Lippy Imp
a feminist-thinking, sexually-obsessed male who is just trying to make the world a better place through sarcasm and mockery. (a great site!)

Write Jamie Joy to add your bi-friendly site!



A Bi-Friendly Place, Bi Links Page

Hosted by the Delicious Webzine, 
Mind Caviar

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Respectfully yours, 
~Editor, Timbuc2

Bisexual Counseling & Therapy
Samuel Allen, MA, NCC, LPC is a Licensed Psychotherapist  and Transgender Specialist based in Raleigh-Durham, NC.  Telephone services available everywhere.  Services are bi-friendly, and kink-friendly.

A new personals service exclusively for bisexuals! With a focus on couples seeking bi females.
Bisexual Playground

Bisexuals, couples, singles, swingers & others can meet, view personals/pictures, chat, send mail, forums & more for free!

Just Bi
A unique personals site for bi women and couples looking to meet them

All Things Bi
User-friendly index of all sorts of bisexual Web sites

Bi The Way
A well-organized bi site that covers the personal bi experiences of Web Mistress Sunny and so much more
Celebrate Bisexuality Day

Annual Event on September 23
The National GLBT Year Book

Help Bi Youth by sending in your old school photo

A complete bi resource

Loads of bisexual links, especially European links
The Bisexual Resource Center

Publishers of the Bisexual Resource Guide

Bi All Means
The bisexual person's guide to the internet

Bi personals, articles, community and much more

For those bisexuals who love many
Polyamory Resources

A complete polyamory resource
Blessed Bi Spirit

The book on bisexuality and faith
The Sacred Space Institute

Erotic Spirituality, "Love without limits"

The Birthday Present
An erotic fictional look at sex workers with bi-friendly sexy stories. Now accepting YOUR fantasy stories to publish!

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