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Calls for Submissions for Erotica Authors

Listed in this Issue:

01-02 New Grunt & Groan: Work-Related Erotica

11-01 New Best Women's Erotica

10-01 New Best Lesbian Love Stories

Celebrate Sex: Activists Speak Out (deadline extended)

Beneath the Hajab: Erotic Writings by Moslem Women

GRUNT & GROAN: The New Fiction Anthology of Work and Sex
Edited by Matthew Firth and Max Maccari
Published by Alley Cat Editions, an imprint of Boheme Press
The workplace may be the engine of labour and commerce for some, but for others it's little more than a playground for lurid sexual interraction; a 9-5 singles' joint, where, deprived of the liberating effects of alcohol, the tension is upped a hundred-fold. Some of us can't wait for the quitting-time whistle. Some of  us have to act on the tension, the energy, the lust and just do it...on the boss's time, of course.

This anthology will blow the covers off the workplace, stripping bare the seething social-sexual undercurrent that runs through every office, factory, retail outlet, warehouse, or--heaven-forbid--hotel where we spend those grunt hours working on getting something more than a paycheque. These are short stories about the benefit schemes the boss never tells you about. Grunt & Groan is a bare-bones look at the human sexual animal at work.

We need work and sex stories. How dirty the job and how dirty thesex or how straight the job and how straight the sex; that's your call. Just make the reader work up a sweat. But, please, no cliché repairman/bored housewife tales. Give us the goods. These can be tales of lust that never materialize; a common workplace obsession. Or tales of unfettered fucking in the stockroom. You decide.
Please send hard copies of short stories to a maximum of 4000 words, along with a brief writer's bio, and SASE with sufficient Canadian postage for a reply or valid email address for a reply, to:

Matthew Firth, Editor
Grunt & Groan
136-A Billings Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K1H 5K9
Hard and fast deadline: March 31 2002
No reprints. Virgin short fiction only.
Publisher will be acquiring one-time North American rights only.
Grunt & Groan is scheduled for publication for September 2002.
Payment for writers whose work is accepted is $50 Canadian, plus
five copies of the book.

For more details, please see: http://bohemeonline.com
Queries: firth@istar.ca or publisher@bohemeonline.com 

Alyson Publications seeks submissions for Best Lesbian Love Stories

From crushes to flirtations to enduring relationships, from the immediacy and urgency of erotic lust to the daily routine of laundry and cooking, Alyson Publications is looking for original, well-crafted, moving stories of lesbian love, near-love, wrong love, and great love, as well as heartfelt and literary love. Humorous stories are also welcomed. Be creative!

Submission Deadline: January 15, 2002

1) Submissions should be no more than 6,000 words in length.
2) Stories must be fiction and lesbian in content. Strong plot, characterization, dialogue, and writing are paramount. Stories must be original-i.e., not previously published.
3) While submissions should be love stories, they do not need to be erotic or sexual in content.
4) Name, address, phone number, and E-mail address (if applicable) should all appear on the first page. (If accepted, final manuscript must be submitted on computer disk.)
5) Include a 50-word bio with your submission.
6) Include SASE with sufficient postage to return the manuscript, or, if manuscript is disposable, please state so in your cover letter.

Send all submissions to:

Best Lesbian Love Stories
c/o Angela Brown
Alyson Publications
P.O. Box 4371,
Los Angeles, CA 90078-4371

Best Women's Erotica Guidelines
Edited by Marcy Sheiner
Published Annually by Cleis Press

This new series was launched by Cleis Press in December 1999; several editions are now available in bookstores. I strongly suggest that writers refer to these or to my other anthologies in order to get an idea of what I'm looking for. Send submissions for the next edition between December and March. Deadline for each year's edition is March 31st.

Stories must be either previously unpublished, or published in the past year only. (Please indicate where and when stories have been published.) Payment ranges from $100 to $200, depending on length as well as on the author's publishing credits. I am an equal opportunity editor and welcome the viewpoints of all gender and sexual orientations--heterosexual, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered. Authors must, however, be female. No poetry or essays please; fiction only.

What makes an erotic story qualify as "Best?"

(1) Literary quality‹well-drawn characters and plot, vivid descriptions and accomplished writing style

(2) explicit, well-written, arousing sex written with originality rather than clichéd

(3) some insight into the sexual, emotional or relationship dynamics between the characters (not an absolute requirement, but strongly recommended).


--I  do not read e-mail submissions unless I personally request that an author send a story via e-mail.
--I do not read manuscripts that are hand-written or single spaced.
--I will not pay for postage due.
--I do not read submissions written by men.
--I do not discuss stories over the phone unless I have initiated the communication. 
--If you do not include a SASE and/or an e-mail address, you will not receive a response.

For submissions sent from outside the U.S., I prefer U.S. stamps to coupons on your SASE. Finally, I strongly suggest that you spell-check and proofread your manuscript before submission.

Submit stories no longer than 20 pages, DOUBLE SPACED, HARD COPY, size 12 font with e-mail and other contact information to:

Marcy Sheiner
4096 Piedmont Avenue # 136
Oakland, CA 94611-5221

Marcy Sheiner is the editor of HEROTICA 4, 5, 6 and 7; THE OY OF SEX: Jewish Women Write Erotica; RIPE FRUIT: Well-Seasoned Erotica; and the BEST WOMEN'S EROTICA series. She is also the author of SEX FOR THE CLUELESS. Visit her website:  www.marcysheiner.tripod.com

Actively seeking publisher, Edited by Jamie Joy Gatto
  • Are you a sex-positive person whose life has been affected by a sex-negative upbringing? 
  • Are you a sex activist who's struggled with a fight to create a sex-positive image for yourself, a group, a sexual orientation? 
  • Do you have a story to tell about how and why you've dedicated your life to sex education, sex work, entertainment, or art? 
We are seeking sex-positive essays and creative non-fiction short stories from sex-positive people: writers, artists, sex educators, sex workers, sex activists, and those who celebrate sex as a way of life, a profession, a vocation and a calling for an anthology tentatively titled, Celebrate Sex: Activists Speak Out, a new book proposal currently pending a publisher. 
  •      What made you decide to stand up-- proud of your sexual self? 
  •      Why is it important for you to now show the world you are a sex-positive person? 
  •      Show us how you Celebrate Sex! 
  •      Was there someone in your life who led you to have sex-positive feelings? Tell us about your history, your influences both good and bad. 
We wish to bring together a collection of essays and stories that shows we can, and have successfully overcome stereotypes, poor media and mixed images regarding sex, religious restrictions and dogma, toxic parenting, peer pressures, societal mores, inner struggles with how we view our own sexual feelings and sexual selves. 

Currently accepting non-fiction, non-published manuscripts. No simultaneous submissions. Length of up to 5000 words. Must be on topic. No abuse/sex-negative stories without support of writing a positive outcome will be accepted. Show us your strength. 

Please send your cover letter, bio, and manuscript in the body of an e-mail, with the subject line, "CELEBRATE SEX SUBMISSION" to Jamie Joy Gatto. No attachments will be accepted. Once our book proposal is accepted, publishing information and payment schedule will be posted. 

Submissions deadline has been extended and submissions are currently open. If you have submitted a manuscript, all manuscripts are currently under review.

Beneath the Hajab: Erotic Writings by Moslem Women
Edited by Mitzi Szereto

An anthology entitled Beneath the Hajab: Erotic Writings by Moslem Women is currently being assembled by author/anthologist Mitzi Szereto for print publication. Submissions are welcome from Moslem women from all countries and races and may consist of short stories, essays, etc.. 

Previously published material and/or book excerpts will be considered, providing you have the rights or can get the rights. Please indicate where and when published, plus current rights status.

Submission requirements: 

Submit stories in typewritten hard copy. Manuscripts not chosen will be discarded, so do not send your only copy. Include with your submission a brief author bio and your e-mail address. 

For questions and information on where to send your submission, please e-mail: 


Deadline not yet specified.

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